Handy Tips to Make a Perfect and Healthy Panini Sandwich at Home

Everyone likes taking a bite into a panini when he or she is hungry. It serves well as a light and healthy snack after a tiring day, or you can have it even for breakfast. Making Panini Sandwich on panini press at home is ideal. Let us check out some handy tips to make it a perfect and healthy food item.

  1. The right choice of bread

The choice of the right bread is the vital part of the Panini sandwich. The baguette, michetta and ciabatta bread give the best results. You have to choose the drier and denser bread when using moist and soft fillings for the Panini sandwich.

  1. Avoid sogginess

The wet and soggy Panini sandwich is utterly inedible. The trick is to spread mayonnaise, butter or cream on the edges of the bread slices to seal the wet ingredients inside. In that case, the soggy ingredients won’t hamper the whole sandwich. Also, add the ingredients that release water like cucumber, tomatoes, and pickle just before you eat your sandwiches.

  1. Use the straight-edged knife for cutting the bread

The cutting of a panini sandwich becomes a grueling task due to its fillings. It’s always preferable to use a straight-edged knife instead of a saw-like serrated knife as it would give the sandwich a smooth and neat finish.

  1. Make it crunchy with butter

The Panini Sandwich tastes better when it is crunchy. Don’t forget to add butter on the panini press before placing the bread on it. It will give the crunchy grilled finish. Buying advice for the best panini press, you can log on to http://del.icio.us.com/best-panini-press/.

  1. Cook slowly

There are lot many things to consider while cooking. The panini press should be adequately heated to toast the bread. The filling takes time to cook, so you have to be patient. The vegetables should be perfectly crunchy, meat needs to be soft and tender, and the cheese should melt inside.

Hope these tips will definitely help you to make a healthy and tasty delight at home.