Choosing Toys That Are Healthy For Your Child’s Development

Buying toys for your child can be fun and challenging, but it’s important to remember that you should always try to choose toys that are healthy for your child’s development.

Of course the fun factor is extremely important, otherwise your child might not engage or play with the toys you pick at all.

But so is the way in which the toys will help your child to develop and grow, but physically and mentally.

Here are some aspects of your child’s development that should benefit from the toys you pick for them to play with:

Gross Motor Skills

Any toy that allows your child to use their leg and arm muscles is good for your child’s development.

For toddlers, push toys are especially good because they encourage your toddler to walk, strengthening their leg muscles and improving their gross motor skills, all while having lots of fun!

For older kids, roller skates, bikes, hoverboards and more will help them to further improve their gross motor skills while having an absolute blast playing with their friends.

Fine Motor Skills

To help develop and improve your child’s fine motor skills, you should choose toys like blocks, LEGO, magnetic tiles, and more, as these allow your child to use their fingers to manipulate the pieces.

Your child will have great fun with these building toys while strengthening and improving their finger muscles and fine motor skills.

They help your child to improve their grip which benefits them later when holding a pencil in school.

For older kids, craft toys are a great resource as well as marble runs and more.

Hand-Eye Coordination

An important aspect of any child’s development, young and old, is to have good hand-eye coordination as this will serve them well in later life.

These types of toys help to improve your child’s reaction times, increase their productivity and improve their academic skillsets.

For all ages, jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful toy for helping your child to develop and improve their hand-eye coordination as they look to manipulate the pieces into the correct places.

Other great toys to consider are ring toss games, bowling games, paddle catch ‘n’ toss, and so many more!


Learning to balance can be quite hard at first for young toddlers and even for older kids, but it’s an important part of their development that should be encouraged through playing with the right types of toys.

For toddlers that are learning to walk, push toys are a solid choice to help them maintain their balance while taking those important first steps.

Ride on toys are great for toddlers and older kids to help improve and develop their sense of balance.

For older kids, skateboards, hoverboards, bikes and more are wonderful toys for teaching them all about balance, especially as they build up speed zooming around on these toys!

While the above list is by no means exhaustive, it gives you an insight into the role toys can play in your child’s health and development.

Not every toy is beneficial for your child and sometimes with the overwhelming number of toys to choose from, it can be frustrating trying to find toys that will help your child develop healthily while having fun.

The internet is awash with a plethora of toys sites, but not all of them indicate which toys will aid your child’s development and how.

To make life easier, you can find the best toys for kids on this page that have been handpicked to ensure they aid in your child’s development, improving their physical and mental health as they grow and get older.

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