8 Unusual Ancient Medical Techniques

In ancient times, before the scientific revolution, people used to use various unusual or bizarre ways to treat varied illness.  The medical treatments were not trusted people by then and there are valid reasons for it because of the unusual ways one resort to treat illness. No one knows the exact cure. Thanks to the evolution of science, now people are fortunate that they do not have to endure the weird ancient treatments. One should be quite thankful that you have now varied medications and treatments for all the illness. Listed below are few of those unusual ways of treatment.

Snail syrup- Snail syrup was supposed to thicken, cool, strengthen and consolidate the nerves. Also, cure asthmas and coughs.

Heroin as cough syrup- In ancient years, heroin syrup was given to people suffering coughs, even for the small children. Apart from a cough, it was also used to treat insomnia and back pain. Using CBD oil to relieve aches and pains was not known in earlier times.

Snake oil- For centuries, the snake oils have been used as a remedy to treat joint pain like bursitis and arthritis. Later on, it was used to lower the inflammations as it consisted of omega-e fatty acids.

Maggots- Fly larvae or maggots were used to clean the wounds. They eat dead tissues, leaving the healthy tissues untouched.

Bat’s blood for eye treatment- The eye infections were cured by dripping the blood of bat into the eyes of the patient.

Correcting the stutter- In the 18th century, the remedy for speech impediment or correcting a stutter was partial removal of the tongue.

Wrinkle removal- In earlier times, paraffin wax was used to smoothen out the wrinkles it was injected into the wrinkles. But the wrinkles were replaced usually with lumps.

For stomach- A mixture of white wine, anise, and cumin was taken by the patients who suffered from colic pain.…

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