8 Hobbies Proven to Improve Your Health

Giving you a well-deserved break!

It was recently that I had been realizing that I was almost at a naught when I was punishing myself to achieve what I had set out to. I wanted to be able to do very well at the Bar and I was getting there alright but what was also happening simultaneously was that I was cutting myself from living a normal life. I had almost turned robotic with little value for my own life.

That is when I realized the importance of hobbies:

Hobbies in any myriad form are different from what work you do. You may begin by saying that you love your work so much that you do not think that you are working but the test is when you get exhausted, do you begin to feel stressed out?

If your answer is yes to the above question, you most definitely need to slow down there and make sure that you inculcate at least one kind of hobby that will help you unwind and take your mind away from the labor of work and focus on the present moment.

What hobbies are known to do?

With time, you will realize that hobbies increase your inner strength, improve physical balance, improve heart health, improves immunity, boosts memory, and reduces in depression, stress, anxiety and also a chronic pain in any form.

What are the hobbies you could consider?

Here is a list of the hobbies I considered when I was too bogged down with work and attendant stress.

  1. Cooking;
  2. Sewing and embroidering over small swatches that I stitched together to make a blanket for myself;
  3. Tending a small patch of kitchen garden;
  4. Colouring. Try adult coloring books and you will freak out if you are the art therapy kind of person.
  5. Journaling. Writing down day to day events and things I was grateful for helped so much;
  6. Making friends online;

7,         volunteering for local groups and various charities help bring a lot of meaning to living

  1. Spending time at the orphanages and old homes. This is something that is closest to my heart.

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