Low Back Pain: How To Improve Posture For A Healthy Back

Read on to know how to improve posture for a healthy back:

Sitting straight:  Most of the spine related health issues start with posture.  When we bend and sit there is more strain on the back.  Ensure that you always sit erect so that body weight is equally distributed to both hips.

Bending:  While bending do not bend the back at 180 degrees and bend down.  Instead, you can bend your knees.  Exercise more caution when you bend to lift weights.  In case of any sudden bulge in limbs and prolonged moving pain, make it a point you visit spine surgeon in New Jersey to ensure that there is no disc related problems.

Care while driving:  Take care while driving.  Ensure that you adjust headrest, steering etc. so that you do not strain too much to reach these.  Always use a seat belt.  Avoid over speeding.  While driving at high speed, those sudden breaks always cause more stress on the spine.

Furniture:  Ensure that the chair, table, laptop etc are adjusted correctly as per your body height.  When the furniture is not correct, you tend to adjust your body unknowingly.

Break and warming up:  Do not sit continuously in the same place for more than half-an-hour.  Stand up and walk a little.  Stretch and warm up occasionally to give relief to the spine due to continuous work.

Avoid strenuous exercise:  Always avoid strenuous exercise which can harm spinal health.

Neck care:  Taking care of the neck avoids other spinal pain.  Neck manages the weight of the skull and is prone to more strain.  Neck pain can spread and cause discomfort in the spine.

Obesity:  Try to reduce belly fat and body weight.  Excessive belly fat is a source of low back pain.  Once the body weight comes under control, you will certainly feel better as the spine is relieved of the excess burden it has to manage.

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Health Benefits Of Dairy Free Diet

While a few dairy products are beneficial to health, going for a dairy free diet has also its own benefits. Some may want to go for a dairy free diet as they develop some allergic reactions to consuming milk. There are people who have reported that they had a clear skin after switching over to a dairy free diet. A dairy free diet has also a close connection to weight loss. Some dieters have reported that when they went on a dairy free transition they were able to shed up to 15 pounds at a faster rate. But no commercial weight loss programs are available without dairy products. However, you can choose the menu wisely avoiding major dairy products. Programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, etc deliver low calorie diet foods and their menu include all types of foods. For example, Nutrisystem provides vegetarian diet plan where most of the diet foods offered under this plan are made of dairy products. Reading this comparison article on medifast vs nutrisystem will help you know about the diet foods they deliver.

Following a dairy free diet has helped many people to resolve their medical mysteries. People who slashed the dairy foods in the daily diet were able to drive away migraines, headaches, sinuses, rashes, arthritis pain, chronic infections and allergies. Some people also have reported that by cutting down dairy from their diet they were able to reduce the behavioral issues observed in conditions like ADHD and Autism.

Another issue that some people have is lactose intolerance which develops a lot of digestive issues like stomach pain, bloating, cramps, flatulence, nausea and diarrhea. Dairy foods also have been linked with triggering irritable bowel syndrome and also chronic constipation. Therefore going on a dairy free diet will resolve all these issues gradually and help the dieters to lead a trouble free life.

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